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Back The Way We Came Has Arrived!


Our Story

The Memory Keepers, a group of eleven seasoned women, share intimate stories from the perspective of time, distance and hard-earned wisdom.




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We, The Memory Keepers, touch on uniquely personal yet emotionally relatable themes – love, the joy and loss of deep friendship; coping with dementia; toxic relationships; menopause and late-life dating exploits.

Some venture into more off-beat territory – surviving three months in a US jail; exploitation in a spiritual cult; corruption and rural life in West Africa and the hedonistic 1980s London drug scene.

Others untangle intricate webs of family dynamics; physical, sexual and psychological abuse; grief for the death of a daughter; teenage pregnancy; working with terminally ill children and the loss of newborn grandchildren.

A must-read for anyone who has ever longed to be heard and understood, Back The Way We Came will inspire you to dig deep, unveil your stories and shine your light.


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*Carol Prior  *Chassie Stone  *Delia L Seville  *Juliet Coe  *Lindsay 'Lou' Tunstall 

*Micki Findlay  *Nicola Field  *Peta Heskell  *Sarah Lionheart  *Stephanie Peart  *Suzi Bamblett


We are all former students of Memoir Writing Ink who connected online during the pandemic.

Back the Way We Came - Published by MTP - Michael Terence Publishing.


Beneath The Grey Façade is one of the pieces found in the book, Back The Way We Came.


Author Bios


The Memory Keepers

Micki Findlay

has stories, articles and poetry published in several books and magazines, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Crone Rising, Oasis Life, and Van Isle Poetry Collective. She writes her life stories to help other women recognise their self-worth, find hope through difficult circumstances, and realise they are not alone in their struggles.

Lindsay Tunstall

studied Feature Writing and had two articles published in The Glasgow Herald. Writing in her capacity as a healthcare practitioner on health in the workplace, Are You Sick at Work? and I Survived, So Many Others Will Not, on the impact of malaria on the high death rate in The Gambia. She is the ghostwriter for a book on personal development and is currently working on a memoir of twenty years living in West Africa.

Suzi Bamblett

has published three novels: The Travelling Philanthropist, Three Faced Doll and Prescient Spirit. Imagined Dialogue was featured on Daphne du Maurier's website. The Girl on the Swing was published by Shooter Literary magazine. A Grandmother’s Grief was long-listed for the International Amy MacRae Award for Memoir. Other poems and short stories have appeared in Brighton University anthologies. Suzi graduated with a distinction for her MA in Creative Writing.

Peta Heskell

is a former coach, broadcaster and author of four personal development books in the Flirt Coach series, published by Thorsons Element. She has written for The Daily Mail, Psychologies, Cosmo, Permaculture News, Bride, Hypnotherapy Magazine and The Writer. Peta is working on a memoir about her experiences living illegally in rural Georgia from 2008 to 2012, culminating in five months in two US jails. Her memoir features anecdotes about people and culture whilst exploring the decisions that derailed her life. Sunny Peta Writer Facebook Page.

Carol Prior

is a singer-songwriter and performer who has written for the stage, most recently in her one-woman show Give Me The Moonlight, Give Me The Girl at The Beacon in Hastings. Her stories in this anthology are her first foray into memoir writing.

Stephanie Peart

has published work online as part of her memoir writing course. The course programme prompted a writing journey exploring long-buried grief. She has written and performed her poetry at the Headingley Literary Festival. As an adult educator, she ran creative writing sessions at community venues. She wrote her BA thesis, Picturing Women, on the invisibility of three women artists.

Sarah Lionheart

is the author of You Do Not Have to Be Good, a memoir. Her poetry and literary reviews have appeared in Stanford Magazine. She has published articles on yoga, mindfulness and compassion in various magazines. Sarah has an MA in English from Stanford University and has taught creative writing to adults since 1984.

Delia Louise Seville

has spent over two decades listening to other people’s stories in her career as a psychotherapist. Now, she has embarked on telling her own story. Bitter, Cold Days is a short chapter from her memoir. Cabins Apart tells the story of an impulse acted on spontaneously in her fifties.

Nicola Field

is a published poet and author of the ground-breaking Marxist book on LGBTQ+ liberation, Over the Rainbow. She worked as a journalist and arts reviewer before beginning a PhD at Kingston University in the School of Art. Her research project weaves literary criticism, visual art and experimental creative writing to explore family trauma and neurodivergence.

Chassie Stone

is a holistic beauty salon owner. She has published four articles in Professional Beauty and two short fiction stories in Woman’s Own and Women’s Weekly. Her article on spiritual perspectives appeared in The Inquirer, a Unitarian magazine. Chassie is working on two memoirs: Keep the Wax Hot (How Not to Run a Beauty Business) and Empire Baby.


Juliet Coe

is a former researcher and conference programme writer. Her first novel, Bula Marama (unpublished), was long-listed for the Blue Pencil Agency competition. She is currently working on a second novel. Juliet has poetic prose and flash fiction published in Rhyme & Reason and local

anthologies. Where Are You From? was long-listed for the international Amy MacRae Award for Memoir.

Purchase Book Here:   Amazon UK  /  Amazon Canada  /  Amazon US

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