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Micki Findlay is a freelance writer and contributing author to 

Chicken Soup for the Soul
(The Miracle of Love and The Blessings of Christmas)

Crone Rising 
By Jazz House Publications

Van Isle Poetry Collective

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Oasis Life Magazine 
Parksville Qualicum Beach Life

EyesOnBC magazine
Lighthouse Country on Vancouver Island, BC

Micki also creates promotional materials for various non-profit organizations, projects and fundraisers. 

Scroll down for examples of Micki's writing & testimonials by authors & media personnel.


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I am honoured to be a featured author and speaker at Artful: The Gallery, in Courtenay. BC on October 13th. I hope you will come!

I will be reading from our anthology, Back The Way We Came by 'The Memory Keepers' - a group of eleven seasoned women who share intimate stories from the perspective of time, distance and hard-earned wisdom. From poignant to humorous – twenty true stories and five poems embodying the rich tapestry of struggles, emotions and triumphs that define our lives and the cathartic, healing power of speaking your truth.

I look forward to sharing the 'spotlight' with author Jessica Evans who will be reading from her book, Fade to Light. She tells the story of leaving her family to move away from a closed religious society that refers to itself as “The Truth.” The church gave her a rulebook for life that separated members of the Truth from the rest of society.

I am looking forward to hearing Jessica's riveting life story, and sharing a few spine-tingling ones of my own!

To find out more, go to THIS LINK.

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The Memory Keepers, a group of eleven seasoned women, share intimate stories from the perspective of time, distance and hard-earned wisdom.




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Beneath The Grey Façade

is one of the pieces found in 'Back The Way We Came'.

(Poem & video created by Micki Findlay - 

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Micki's Writing Course Recommendation

Looking for a writing program that will help you transform and elevate your personal story into memoir?  I highly recommend Alison Wearing's Memoir Writing Ink!  As a former student, I am published, thanks to her expert guidance!

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Writing Testimonials

Testimonial from Linda Tenney - Publisher/Editor - EyesOnBC Magazine

"Micki Findlay has been a columnist with EyesOnBC Magazine since mid-2018. Her articles are well-written, witty, articulate works that speak to the human condition with a measure of humour, positivity and caring that represents who Micki is as a person.


I'm honoured to have Micki as a regular monthly columnist. Her articles always exceed my expectations and are a delight to read. In the time-sensitive world of publishing, I can count on Micki to submit her articles on or before the assigned deadline and written to word count requirements. I rarely have to edit her articles for typos or grammar as she takes great care to submit work that is near 'letter perfect'.


Our readers thoroughly enjoy her columns and I'm proud to include her 'words' within the pages of EyesOnBC Magazine each and every month. I look forward to continuing to work with her."

Linda Tenney, Publisher/Editor
EyesOnBC Magazine

Bowser, BC 

Testimonial from Cathy Holmes - Media Reporter, Producer, Director

“I had the pleasure of interviewing author, Micki Findlay, on Shaw Community TV and CHLY Radio 101.7 FM, regarding her story, ‘Destiny on the Open Sea’, and her Works of HeART Project which inspires positive change through creative expression.  Her fabulous, heartwarming story was published in one of my favorite book series; Chicken Soup for the Soul, and tells of the extraordinary, yet amusing way she met the man of her dreams while boarding a BC ferry. Her story oozes with vivid imagery, supernatural intervention and a sense of renewed hope that there can still be joy after heartache and love after loss. 


I look forward to reading more of Micki’s work as she continues to speak to our hearts through the written word; offering encouragement and optimism to a world that often forgets that there are still miracles to believe in, that we all have something to offer, and that we should never give up on ourselves or on love.  If you ask me, we need more of that.”


Cathy Holmes, Media Reporter, Producer/Director, Vancouver Island - Nanaimo, BC

Wise Folks, 101.7 CHLY FM, Nanaimo/Voyager Magazine, Shaw Spotlight

Wise Folks: Facebook / YouTube

'The Show' on Shaw: Facebook / YouTube 


Testimonial from Catherine Dook - Author, Novelist, Columnist

Micki Findlay is an astute observer of the domestic, with an eye for detail and a heart as big as the world.  Her take on people offers a glimpse into the off-kilter that is informative and entertaining.


Micki's writes in tight and effective prose. She is well worth reading.


Catherine Dook – Author, Novelist, Columnist

Hilarious adventures and misadventures of liveaboard ship life



Testimonial from Glenna Mageau - Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach

Micki writes from the heart. Her articles are funny, soul touching and completely relatable.

I met Micki several years ago when she came to one of my writing classes. Her writing touches on topics that are about unmasking ourselves and the journey we've been on. She shares a lot of her story, her life, the struggles and the triumphs she has had. Her stories invite you to take a journey with her so that you can look at life differently, to see the humor, to see the positive in our lives, and to realize we are all very similar.

Micki is not only a beautiful soul but she is someone who is out there doing what she can to encourage others to be more kind, giving and caring. Her writing definitely reflects her positive, uplifting values, her truth and her sense of humor.


Glenna Mageau – Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Coach




As a freelance writer, my services include writing feature articles, opinion pieces, human interest stories, poetry, and letter writing.

(See testimonials above)

Contact me with your writing service requests and I will do my best to accommodate your needs within your budget.

Interested? Contact me and let's talk! 

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